Patrol Witness Introduces PR1ME WITNESS 2.0 Body Worn Camera

(June 2019) Patrol Witness introduces a BWC that combines affordable with full features including integration with PW6HD In-Car Video system. 

The Patrol Witness expands North American Distribution Program (NADP)

PW represents a new commitment to customer service.  The NADP program delivers best in class, committed local service partners with the industry’s longest standard warranty (5 Years.) Contact 866-693-7492 to find a provider near you. Link To Map of US Map.  

IACP 2019 Chicago

Patrol Witness to unveil PW Sync Body Camera Integration and TotalView Camera packages. Visit Booth 2658 .      

PW6-HD Digital Video Recorder

PW6-HD Digital Video Recorder

Patrol Witness PW6HD Video System The PW6-HD with Dual HD Camera provides the safest way to operate an In-Car Video System with no officer intervention required to get the most complete picture, every time. Safe, Reliable, Affordable and Easy to operate highlight the best value available.  Backed by a standard 5 year warranty…PATROL WITNESS HAS YOU...

PR1ME Witness Bodycam

PR1ME Witness Bodycam

The PR1ME Witness is Patrol Witness’ state-of-the-art body-worn camera designed to improve officer safety and integrate fully with our in-car PW6 video system, as well as synchronize and record in tandem with it. With an HD recording battery life of at least 7 hours and a lightweight, yet rugged IP54 design complete with both 720P and 1080P HD recording...

Police Chase Captured On Video By Patrol Witness™

LAKE TOWNSHIP , OH – It started off as an ordinary traffic stop, and turned into a fast-paced police chase down I-280. The entire chase was caught on camera. Lake Township police said Gregory Baldwin, 36, did not use his turn signal when switching lanes on I-280, so Officer Kelly Clark pulled the Toledoan over. Clark called for backup on the routine stop....