Naples Police Department wants to update patrol car cameras

  Cameras inside police patrol cars often act as a second set of eyes for the officers, and today Naples police are pushing to get their older model cameras updated. The department wants to add new cameras to 26 different patrol cars, because like most things, the software can become worn out overtime. “There’s been some instances in the past where...

Police Chase Captured On Video By Patrol Witness™

LAKE TOWNSHIP , OH – It started off as an ordinary traffic stop, and turned into a fast-paced police chase down I-280. The entire chase was caught on camera. Lake Township police said Gregory Baldwin, 36, did not use his turn signal when switching lanes on I-280, so Officer Kelly Clark pulled the Toledoan over. Clark called for backup on the routine stop....

PatrolWitness Launches New Website

PatrolWitness Launches New Website

PatrolWitness will be launching our new website, in time for the IACP conference. We welcome feedback from the community as we continue our mission to build reliable, quality products for the law enforcement and public safety services. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact webmaster[a]

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