Naples Police Department wants to update patrol car cameras


Cameras inside police patrol cars often act as a second set of eyes for the officers, and today Naples police are pushing to get their older model cameras updated.

The department wants to add new cameras to 26 different patrol cars, because like most things, the software can become worn out overtime.

“There’s been some instances in the past where the audio didn’t work and it can get kind of embarrassing when you want the whole thing to work so we have full accountability,” said Chief Tom Weschler.

As of now, the department is testing the new system on a few vehicles. Improvements would also include a larger monitor for officers to view, instead of smaller cameras that were shown in the rear view mirror.

“They don’t have to worry about the camera hanging down at an angle where it’s kind of right at eye level which causes a big distraction,” said Pablo Debien.

Another feature to the updated software is that all video automatically feeds to the station server, so no video can be lost or altered.

March 6, 2019

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