PW6-HD Digital Video Recorder

PW6-HD Digital Video Recorder

The PW6-HD with Dual HD Camera provides the safest way to operate an In-Car Video System with no officer intervention required to get the most complete picture, every time.

PatrolWitness™’ advanced mobile digital video solutions change the way video enhances officer performance in the field. Our combination of the new PW6-HD DVR with Dual HD Camera provides the evidence package the industry has been waiting for with officer safety and efficiency in mind.

PW6-HD complies with Federal Rules of Evidence including: Chain-of-Custody of Evidence as well as the IACP in-car video system guidelines.

PW6-HD Features

  • DUAL HD CAMERA – Two HD 1280×720 Cameras simultaneously captures wide angle view and zoom view to record the entire event and to capture the license plates of the subject vehicles involved
  • JUST-IN-CASE RECORDING – Retrieve past untriggered/unmarked video events
  • RELIABLE – With 100% Solid State Technology
  • WIRELESS VIDEO UPLOAD – Upload footage hand-free; no need to manually transfer from hard-drives
  • VEHICLE BATTERY-FRIENDLY – Internal timer intelligently disconnects system from Vehicle Battery
  • REDUNDANT (BACKUP) RECORDING – Records all triggered events on two storage devices
  • POWER LOSS RECORDING – Continue recording even in the event of a power interruption
  • IN-VEHICLE EVENT TAGGING – Tag the current or previously recorded video event with incident classification (e.g. DUI, Reckless, Domestic, etc.) with unique case number, notes, and priority
  • MDT FRIENDLY – Integrates with your Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) with our easy-to-use PWViewer software
  • PRE/POST EVENT RECORDING – Records seconds or minutes before and after an event, configurable by the agency

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